August 20, 2020


Kiowa County: No COVID Cases

Since August 15th about 130 Coronavirus tests have been administered in Kiowa County, according to Public Health information. With a population of roughly 1,400 residents, Kiowa County remains at Zero cases of the virus; and is now the final county in the state undisturbed by COVID-19. Residents and experts believe Kiowa counties low-density population and rural location play a tremendous part in their lack of cases. Joe Shields, mayor of Eads said in an interview “The fact that we practice social distancing because of our lifestyle, I think is a big part of it,” Local residents and neighboring counties send hope of continued good fortune for Kiowa County.

Prowers County Clerk and Recorder

The Prowers County Clerk and Recorder’s office would like to remind residents that only 3 customers are allowed within the office at one time. Facial coverings are required to enter the building for the safety of staff members and other customers. Other service options include visiting,

The East side courthouse drop box location,, and the United States Postal service. Phone calls are also taken regarding Prowers County Clerk services by calling 336-8011.

Zachary Gifford Jury

Jury summons have gone out to prospective jurors in the district court in order to investigate the officer-involved shooting of Zachary Gifford. During an April 9 routine traffic stop by Kiowa County sheriff's Gifford was shot multiple times in the back. Gifford, who was 39 years old and a lifelong resident of Eads, was pronounced dead at the scene. 75 Jurors from several Southeast colorado counties will appear to help make the determination. The sheriffs in question are currently on paid-administrative leave since April 9th.

Colorado State Patrol

Colorado State Patrol pushes the importance of wearing a seatbelt while vehicles are in motion. Captain Tim Knobenshue of Colorado State Patrol further supports this statement by saying it's important to remember the reasons why we want to make it to our destination safely.


USPS Service

Postal services are as important as ever amid the coronavirus pandemic, but countless post office boxes across the nation have been removed or sealed, and nearly every sorting procedure has been impacted. State representative Josh Harder is supporting a bill headed to Washington that will recover lost efficiencies. Josh Harder goes on to say, the United States Postal service lacking funding has harmed Americans in need of these services.


The Pine Gulch Fire is now the second-largest wildfire in Colorado history after exploding overnight. Authorities say the wildfire has now burned more than 125-thousand acres in Mesa and Garfield counties. So far, the fire is just seven-percent contained.

Colorado State Fair

The Colorado State Fair Board of Authority has voted to hold a variety of competitive activities at the Colorado State Fairgrounds as part of the reimagined 2020 State Fair August 28-September 7. The 2020 competitive events are not open to the public and will operate with strict indoor and outdoor health protocols in place. Protocols include: limited guests accompanying youth competitors and livestreamed events on the State Fair Website. The public is invited to take in a taste of the fair with a Drive-Thru Fair Food Event, taking place August 28-31. For updates on the latest Colorado State Fair information call 719-561-8484.

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