August 26, 2020


A Melvin Hendrickson Developmental Staff has shown multiple symptoms for COVID-19. The staff member has been tested and results are currently pending. Due to guidance from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Colorado Department of Education The Monday/Wednesday Stepping Stones, and afternoon Room 1 Mrs.Horne 1st steps students have been quarantined. The latest return date for these students will be Wednesday September 9th. Public Health has confirmed the circumstances of this case are different than those affecting Lamar Middle School 6th grade students. Further investigation will continue and all afffected families will be contacted to offer testing and require quarantine. For questions, contact Prowers County Public Health and Environment at 336-8721.

Lamar Public Library Grab-n-Go

Lamar Public Library is excited to announce monthly craft and activity bags for adults. Adult activity New Grab and go bags will be available at the Lamar public library each 1st of the month. The activity crafts will be first come first served while supplies last, with a limit of one per person. The 1st monthly adult grab n go activity bags will be distributed Monday Sept 1st at 9 am. Those interested are encouraged to make an appointment at the circulation desk or by calling 336-4632. Curbside Pick-up will also be available upon request

La Junta Fraud Calls

The La Junta Police Department has recently received several calls that a person's family or friends are being held for ransom. The caller typically asks for money to be sent by an un-traceable method to an account that only they have access to. So far all of these claims have been scams. Victims of these calls are encouraged to refrain from offering personal information such as account numbers and residential addresses. Scams have been on the rise throughout the pandemic, and caution is advised. Please contact law enforcement if you believe the threats are credible.

Kit Carson County Scams

The Kit Carson Sheriff's Office has received multiple reports of Recorded Deed Notice being sent to our citizens. Kit Carson has checked with the local Treasures office and confirmed this is a scam. The false deed notices request a service fee and an immediate response date along with false report ID#. Residents are encouraged NOT to call these people or give them any of your personal information. For any questions or concerns please call the Kit Carson Sheriff's office at 719-346-8934.

Kiowa County Concealed Carry Class

The Kiowa County Sheriff's Department will be hosting a concealed carry class for interested surrounding patrons. The class will be Held Sunday August 30th from 4-6pm at 1311 Maine Street in Eads. Firing a weapon is not required in the class and admission will be $50. Due to recent events taking place in our country, the Sheriff is temporarily waiving card fees for those wanting CHPs. The only fee necessary to acquire a new CHP at this time will be the $52.50 cost for fingerprints and a background check. Seats are limited and more questions or to register sign-up through the Kiowa County Sheriff's office Facebook Page.

La Junta Neighborhood Watch

The La Junta Police Department has launched a neighborhood watch meeting for the local community. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday August 27th at 6pm, and will be located at 601 Colorado Avenue. La Junta neighborhood watch is set to discuss the benefits of the group and how to get started.

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