Friday January 22, 2021

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Grocery Store Gift Card Scams

Colorado Sheriffs and Safeway are teaming up to protect people falling prey to gift card scams. Chief Deputy Kevin Duffy says more scammers are now calling people, pretending to be the authorities. David Montoya for Safeway says law enforcement never asks anyone to use gift cards as a form of payment. The scammers then try to get the victim to pay off fake fees or tickets with a gift card. Investigators say some recent victims have been told to pay amounts ranging from two-to-five-thousand dollars.

Kiowa County Hospital Visitation

Kiowa County Hospital District will now allow patient visitation on a limited basis. Visits may be made between 8am-11am or from 1pm-4pm daily. Scheduling in advance is required by calling the hospital at 719-438-5401. Hospital visits are limited to 1 or 2 individuals at one time and will be held in a designated area of the hospital. All individuals must be screened and masks are required at all times.

Prowers county Vaccine Clinics

Vaccine Clinics in Prowers County are expected to open next week. Prowers County Public Health, High Plains Community Health Center, Willow Creek Pharmacy and Safeway Pharmacy are expected providers of the COVID-19 vaccine to area patrons. Additional clinics are expected to open through Prowers County Public Health and Environment as more doses of the vaccine arrive. Individuals on multiple waitlists for the COVID-19 vaccine are asked to let other facilities know if you received an administered vaccine.


Polis Talks Biden Administration

Governor Polis knows what he wants out of the Biden administration when it comes to the battle against COVID-19. Despite a lack of supply, it's going to be a big week for vaccinations in Colorado. Polis says a steady flow of information coming out of the White House will be helpful. Colorado state leaders have not agreed with the communication from the federal government related to vaccine distribution, including false information on dose amounts and shipment dates.

Pueblo Mission Food Plant

Several workers at the Mission Foods plant in Pueblo want the facility temporarily closed due to coronavirus outbreaks. Marie Watson says Mission management needs to take more responsibility and protect people. United Food Retail Director Ramon Zuniga says the coronavirus situation in Pueblo is hurting the Mission Foods plant. United Food officials say they're hoping the building will be closed for ten days so workers can be tested for coronavirus and get quarantine pay.


Garden City Zoo Welcomes a New Life

Garden City's Lee Richardson Zoo is excited to welcome a new life. This according to zoo officials, who say mother Johari gave birth to Garden City's first baby black rhinoceros midday Wednesday. Both the mother and cub are reportedly doing well, although neither will be on display for some time. Black rhinoceros are deemed a critically endangered species on the planet.

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