Friday March 19, 2021


The Colorado Department Of Human services has announced the rollout of a new nationwide emergency number. The three digit number 988 will launch in the summer of 2022 and like caller to the National Suicide Hotline in a matter of seconds. Because 9-8-8 is not yet operational, Coloradans who need mental health and substance use support should continue to contact Colorado Crisis Services by calling 1-844-493-TALK (8255) or texting TALK to 38255. 1,312 Coloradans died in 2020 to suicide, experts believe the increased rate is due to changes related to the pandemic.

Lamar Public Library Events

Lamar Public Library’s Youth Services Librarian Cheri Aguilera shares details on their new catalog system, grab n’ go bags for all ages, and library week. Library week activities include an Easter egg hunt, a library scavenger hunt, free cookies, and more! Curbside pickup is still available through the Lamar Public library by calling 336-4632. Emails can also be sent to for questions, or information.


Colorado Vaccination Phase Change

Colorado is moving into a new phase of COVID-19 vaccinations as of today. That means those 50 and older are now eligible to get the shots. More frontline essential workers and people with high-risk conditions can also be vaccinated. The new phase could result in some long wait times to get an appointment, as the latest group includes around two-point-five-million people. As of yesterday, 74-percent of residents age 65 and older in the state have gotten at least one dose.

Public Health Insurance

Colorado Democrats are introducing legislation that could potentially create a state-run health insurance plan. A sponsor says the latest version under House Bill 1232 would create a phased-in approach to give healthcare companies the chance to lower insurance costs themselves first. Providers would have to reduce health insurance prices by 20-percent by the end of 2024. Otherwise, the state could step in and sell the "Colorado Option Health Benefit Plan" to individuals and small businesses. Supporters believe the bill can help small businesses and individuals who cannot afford coverage otherwise.

Colorado Follows the Feds In Extending Tax Deadline

The Colorado Department of Revenue is following the Federal Government by allowing more time for people to file state taxes. Officials say that the deadline is now May 17th. This follows a similar move announced this week by the IRS. Governor Polis says extending the deadline provides some much-needed relief for Coloradans suffering financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He adds that many people are still working to get back on their feet.


Garden City Ends Face Covering Ordinance

The Garden City Commission voted not extend the city wide face covering ordinance, that has been in effect since November of 2020. The commission voted 4-1 to end the ordinance set to either expire this month or be extended. Mask reminder signs will no longer be required to be posted outside Garden City Business, the decision will now be up to the individual business. Garden city has seen a 50% decline in New Coronavirus Cases over the past 30 days.

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