July 1, 2020


Kit Carson Bodies Identified

The eight people who perished in a two-vehicle head-on crash late Friday north of Kit Carson have been identified. According to Colorado State Patrol, the crash occurred about 4:30 p.m. near mile marker 437 of U.S. Highway 40. The location is between Hugo and Kit Carson just before Wild Horse. Colorado State Patrol said a white Ford F-150 towing a boat was traveling westbound on Highway 40. While in a legal passing zone, its driver moved into the eastbound lanes to try to pass a semi. CSP said a white Ford F-150 towing a boat was traveling westbound on Highway 40. While in a legal passing zone, its driver moved into the eastbound lanes to try to pass a semi. 8 people were killed during the crash. Drivers are encouraged to stay safe on the road especially during holiday trips.

Jian Zhong, 45, male, from Aurora, CO (driver)

Cathy Zhong, 45, female, Aurora, CO

Myoli Zhong, 9, female, Aurora, CO

Ren Juntan, 53, male, Centennial, CO

Sammy Henry, 59, male, Liberal, KS (driver)

Joshua Henry, 36, male, Sterling, CO

Messiah Henry, unknown, male, unknown location

Maki Henry, 8, male, unknown location

McDonald’s Closure

Prowers county now has 21 positive cases of Coronavirus. The Lamar McDonalds will be closed over the next 3 days due to 2 unidentified employees testing positive for COVID-19. Some employees will be quarantined and tested over the next few days while extensive cleaning takes place. Dine-in services have not been available for the Lamar McDonalds but have been considered a front line corporation with high traffic demographics ranging from travelers to truck drivers; serving over 500 customers per day. No direct increased risk to the public has been determined at this time.

Former Sheriff Remembered

A former Colorado lawman will be remembered today. Otero county sheriff Chris Johnson served Otero county as a deputy in 1979 until he was elected Sheriff in 2002. He then served until 2014. A large crowd is expected today at 10 am to remember Johnson at Tiger Stadium. Johnson leaves a wife, Monica, a daughter and a son and two granddaughters. According to his obituary, the family asks that gifts be made to the Lift, Young Life of Littleton. A place where kids gather in fellowship to love and serve the Lord. To donate please visit the KBLJ Radio station facebook home page.

Bent’s Fort Celebration

Bent’s Fort is hosting their annual old fashioned fourth of July celebration and this year, it happens to be on a Saturday. According to Bent’s Fort’s John Kock (Cook), this will be a more convenient day to really get folks out (19 Sec). The celebration will be set in the 1840’s and Koch says residents should arrive at 1:30 when the parade begins from the parking lot to the Fort. Admission is five dollars for regular entry or free with a National Park Pass.

High Temperature Precautions

As temperatures continue to maintain in the upper nineties and even triple digits, it's important to remember heat safety precautions to keep you and others safe. Keeping water on hand is important and paramount to hydration throughout the day. Exercising or walking dogs in the early mornings or late evenings is highly encouraged, to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion. Keep pets inside if possible,or make sure to provide fresh water and shade on high temperature days. Use car shades and park in shaded areas to avoid heated objects upon vehicle entry. Using sunscreen will protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays exposed to the body over long periods of time. Nausea, cramps, and dizziness are signs of heat exhaustion and dehydration. Visit for more extreme temperature tips.

Otero County Grant

A Decision should be coming soon from the El Pomar Foundation on the OTero county Canopy grant. The grant will be used for the LaJunta Kids rodeo grounds once it’s approved. Otero county Economic Development Director Danelle Berg is hoping for good timing “Now that Polis has approved rodeos for the summer, we are hoping to get everything finalized by this summer. If not we will be ready for next year,” says Berg. Many fundraisers have been underway to help fund the canopy for the rodeo grounds. Spectators will soon have a shaded place to enjoy.

Fishing/Hunting License Requirements

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has announced a new law taking effect today. Fishers and hunters must now have a license on hand when utilizing state wildlife areas. The law affects hunters and fishers 18 and older. Maintenance has been paid for through licenses and fees sent to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Director Dan Prenzlow says the new law will help the agency begin to address some of the unintended issues seen at many wildlife areas and state trust lands. State license fees have also been used for land purchase, fish inventory, and general maintenance and clean-up. For questions please call Colorado Parks and Wildlife at 336-6600


Polis Suggestions

Colorado Governor Jared Polis suggests much smaller Independence Day celebrations this weekend. “This may not be the usual way we celebrate the 4th, but we must acclimate to the changes related to the current pandemic,” said Polis. Polis also says people need to practice social distancing if they do go outside on July 4th to avoid potentially catching coronavirus.

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