July 8, 2020 News


Lamar Public pool

In a recent interview, pool manager Carrie Smith has information for swimmers related to public pool cleaning sessions and social distancing measures. “ We have a capacity of 50 people per session, and it’s a first come first served basis. WE are sanitizing bathrooms between every session. All facilities and benches too. We are practicing social distancing. All the chairs are spread out 6 feet apart, and we encourage people to do the same.” Said Smith. During the interview, private swimming lessons were given to swimmers looking to improve their technique.

Lamar public library

The lamar public library director Sue Lathrop informs library goers of its available services. “We have an online summer reading program with things from everyone from infants to adults. Computers are a big portion of what we offer to the public, but we also offer wi-fi. We also do a lot of printing for people, we provide online databases, and online events as well,” announced Lathrop. Luthrop also acknowledges a summer reading program, and online library events hosted by the lamar public library and other libraries across colorado.

Prowers County Public Health and Environment position opening

Prowers county public health and environment is in need of employees during the covid-19 pandemic. A Public health nurse, or school nurses needed by public health and environment. The full-time position offers benefits, paid time off, health insurance and more. Applicants must have a nurse's license from colorado, have knowledge of public health policies, and be willing to travel. No phone calls will be taken regarding the position. All letters of interest should be e-mailed to More information can also be found on the Prowers County Public Health and Environment Facebook page.

Town of Granada Board Meeting

Today, the town of Granada will return to their regularly scheduled Board meetings for the local community with a meeting this evening at 6:30pm. The meeting agenda will include items from the previously canceled June 24th agenda. Individuals and businesses who were on the agenda for the June 24th canceled meeting, have automatically been rescheduled to today's board meeting. Removal requests must be made in order to opt out of the agenda for the Granada board meeting. For members of the agenda, or residents who wish to listen to the meeting, please call 351-999-3090 to be connected.

Refuse to be a Victim

A new class is available to Southeast Colorado residents who are looking to avoid being victims of crime. Refuse to be a victim is a class hosted by William Ritter of Prowers County, and begins August 1st. The class will be held at the Lamar Community building from noon - 4pm and is available for individuals ages 13 and older. Course topics for the class include, self defense options, home security, and the psychology of criminals. Early registration is recommended due to capacity limits, and a $25 fee must be paid at the door. For more information on Refuse to be a Victim classes or to register, contact William Ritter at 620-521-2397


Wichita Schools Vaccine Requirements

Doctors and parents in Wichita are raising concerns over a policy change that relaxes vaccine requirements at Catholic schools. Doctors fear relaxed vaccine requirements could lead to a viral outbreak in schools. The policy change would allow religious exemptions from highly-recommended vaccines. Dr. Robert Wittler said “I was contacted by other physicians and I wrote a letter to the office, asking if we could give some medical advice on this.”The policy change could lead some parents to withdraw from Catholic schools.

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