July 9, 2020


Happy Hotline Lamar & Lajunta

Southeast Colorado communities have been working together in unity throughout local businesses. The Happy Hotline is a place where residents can share your outstanding experiences, positive feedback, or just an encouraging message. By calling 719-691-6099. , you can leave a recorded message of happiness for radio listeners to hear! Give the happy Hotline a call, and share your positive experience with Southeast Colorado. Again, that number is 719-691-6099.

Lamar Animal Shelter

With some fireworks still launched well after Independence Day,. Sarah McKloskey of the Lamar Animal Shelter shares information on how to comfort your furry friend in the event of loud noises of fireworks. McKloskey also supports staying close to pets in the event of loud noises, and being alone can increase pet stress levels.

Lamar Public Library

During the current pandemic, many events have been changed to virtual events online, for social distancing precautions. Sue Lothrop, Director of the Lamar Public Library, sparks to online virtual events available through the Public library, and libraries across Colorado. Items which are not available at the Lamar Public library may be found through other Colorado library resources. For more information on library virtual events, please call 336-4632.

Lamar Swimming Pool

As temperatures reach the triple digits, heat dangers increase and it’s important to stay alert. Lamar Swimming Pool Manager Carrie Smith shares how swimmers can stay safe during the hot Southeast Colroado Summer. The Lamar Pool is currently open 7 days a week from 10am-9pm with a 50 person capacity limit.


Colorado Drought

Southeast Colorado has been suffering from severe drought levels for quite some time. Jill-anne Hickson of Hickson farms shares why farmers in Southeast Colorado need help on a state and national level from the USDA. Hickson encourages farmers throughout Southeast Colorado to alert government officials of their agricultural needs through letters, and emails. A list of contacts is available on under the news tab.

Kansas’ Finney County Mask Decision

Last week, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly required that masks be worn in public places throughout Kansas where social distancing cannot take place. Within Gov. Kelly’s order is a provision for local counties to make adjustments to fit the needs of its residents. Finney County will not require face masks in public based on a unanimous decision by Kansas commissioners. Finney county strongly recommends and encourages face coverings. However, the county will not fine individuals who choose not to wear a mask. Kansas Commissioner Larry Jones said it should be up to individuals to decide whether or not to wear a mask.

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