June 16, 2020


Scandals and Scams

The Better Business Bureau officials said they’ve seen a major increase since the Pandemic. BBB state director Denise Groene says “Experts have said that phishing attempts are over 600% since March,” The scammers attack with phone calls and emails, but Groene said the crooks have caught on. Since people are home, those searching for a furry friend are turning into easy targets. Individuals in search of new pets may see red flags like being pushed to pay a deposit, sellers not answering phone calls, and not getting the chance to see the puppies in person… Some residents have lost $300. The Better Business Bureau said if you become a victim of a scam, you can call (316)263-3542 for help and resources.


Colorado Relaxing Guidelines

Colorado will soon transition into more relaxed coronavirus guidelines under the state's safer-at-home phase. Governor Jared Polis says businesses that are currently closed will reopen later this week. Residential summer camps will also be allowed to have up to ten kids indoors or 25 kids outdoors. Large gathering places like houses of worship or conference spaces could have up to one-hundred people in the same room. Governor Polis also introduced a framework for a plan called "Protect Our Neighbors" that would allow some counties to host larger events like fairs and festivals.

Cripple Creek Casinos

Casinos in Cripple Creek are now back open. Bronsen Hiraoka [[ hy-rah-OH-kah ]] with Bronco Billy's Casino says it's great everyone is back even though there are some changes due to coronavirus. Some of the changes include no table games and reduced slot machine access. People are also encouraged to wear masks.


A Colorado Springs LGBTQ organization is extremely happy with the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on employee discrimination against gay or transgender workers. Inside Out Youth Services Executive Director Jessie Pocock says yesterday's decision is just a step in the right direction. (25 sec) Governor Jared Polis echoed Pocock's sentiment saying he does not believe anyone should be afraid to show who they are. Justices said yesterday businesses would be in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 if they fired someone for being homosexual or transgender.

KS State Parks

Kansas state parks are seeing an increase in visitor traffic this year. Officials say this year more people have visited state parks than in the past two years. More than 767,000 people visited state parks last year. So far this year, nearly 1.3 million visitors have spent time at Kansas state parks. State Park Manager Seth Turner anticipates visitor traffic to surpass the last two years for this 4th of July.

COVID Vaccine

The Alliance for Multispecialty Research formerly Heartland Research Associates in Newton is playing a big role in finding what may possibly be a vaccine to COVID-19. The Alliance for Multispecialty Research needs volunteers for a coronavirus vaccine trial. You must be at least 18 years old, have no pre-existing medical issues, and meet additional study criteria. If accepted, volunteers will be compensated for time and travel. Usually, it takes at least two years to prepare a vaccine for the public, but the FDA is fast-tracking this process to make it available in just 12 to 18 months. To learn more about this trial or for volunteers to see if they qualify, call 316-283-0828.

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