Local News for April 21, 2020

Local Nursing Homes Accommodate

Residents at Lamar senior centers are still able to communicate with family and friends, just in a different way. Legacy at Lamar administrator Barbara Long says families have had to make adjustments during the pandemic, including even simply sitting outside the window of their loved ones.

Kiowa County Medical Facility Open

The Kiowa County Hospital District confirms that they are open and accepting appointments. Residents should be aware that the doors will be locked as they enforce an appointment-only measure, to limit any potential spread of COVID-19. There has been public concern that the Kiowa County Medical Clinic has closed, but potential patients can simply ring the doorbell. Those who seek care may call 719-438-2251 to schedule an appointment.

Lamar Public Library-National Library Week

The Lamar Public Library has been working hard to keep local readers occupied. But books aren’t the only services offered through the library...Lamar Public library director Sue Lathrup shared with us recently the number of services the library has to offer. Also, National Library Week and are giving free goodie bags for local children who stop by.

Lamar Community Building Preparing

Employees of the Lamar Community building remain at work creating plans for the lift of the Colorado Staty-at-home order. Community building program director Jerry Roseberry says, they’re just waiting for the green light (sec). Community residents will recieve more updates on Community building events as time progresses.


Re-opening CO Economy

Governor Jared Polis says everything won't return to what it was before, when the economy reopens. He reminds residents to take caution as Coloradans will be the deciding factor as to whether another extension will come into play. The current Stay-at-Home order is expected to be lifted by Sunday.

Gov. Polis Requires Masks by Law

For critical workers, the recommendation to wear masks while at work has now become mandatory. Gov. Jared Polis issued an Executive Order requiring masks and in some circumstances, gloves to be worn by workers who interact with the public. The mask requirement is said to remain in effect over the next 30 days.

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