May 19, 2020 News


Information has been released on the officer involved use of force in Kiowa county on April 9th. Prowers County and the Colorado Bureau of Investigations are both working on the investigation of the shooting of 39 year old Zachery Gifford, This incident occurred following a traffic stop by the Kiowa county Sheriff’s office. Investigators are interviewing and reviewing body-cam footage, while the Colorado Bureau of Investigation Forensic Lab is analyzing physical evidence. According to the news release, the purpose of an officer-involved shooting investigation is to present a complete case to a District Attorney, for the purpose of making a determination of criminality, if any, in the actions of the involved officers.

Circle of Parents

The Circle of Parents Networking Group has begun meeting every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. The group offers a safe, confidential, supportive group for parents to learn from one another. All parents are invited to the online group sessions for more information parents can call Lisa Thomas at 719-688-0151 or by

Prowers County 911 Board

The Prowers County 911 Telephone Authority Board is scheduled to meet Tomorrow at 07:00 am The meeting will be held at the Cultural Events Center at the Lamar City Complex 102 E Parmenter. Members are asked to use the back door to the police department where they will escort in. Agenda items for the meeting include a discussion of the appointment of board members to vacancies, as well as authority Board financial matters.

Colorado State Troopers and Speeding

Colorado State Patrol has released information relating to a speeding Volkswagen tracked at 136 Miles per hour. The driver failed to stop for the single State Trooper, and further action was taken as several more troopers approached the scene to attempt a force stop. The juvenile driver collided with state patrol and dangerously sped away. The press release states that the vehicle was marked as stolen. The driver was later apprehended after crashing near Wilkerson Pass, and transported to a Pueblo Juvenile facility on multiple charges.

Prowers County COVID Cases

As Community testing continues within the area, Prowers County Public Health and Environment has confirmed the 11th case of the novel Coronavirus. Residents are reminded to maintain social distancing, continue frequent hand washing, and to continue wearing face masks when out in public. Precautions such as these will help reduce further spread of the virus.


Colorado Restaurant Re-Opening

Colorado restaurants will soon have guidance from state health officials on what they need to do to reopen. Governor Jared Polis says the first draft of the new rules will be out today. “We are going to take over 2 or 3 days, public feedback. Finalize the guidelines by the end of the week. Then announce the date on May 25th based on the data holding up around the level of the virus around Colorado…” stated Polis. The governor is also pushing local governments to allow restaurants to expand outdoors as much as possible, so they can seat more customers and maintain social distancing.

Nursing Home Testing

Colorado is planning to increase coronavirus testing at assisted living facilities. “A test is only a picture of a moment in time. That’s why with our program within the senior centers, we are developing ways where we go back and test the same people. Ideally once a week, might be every 2 weeks initially. We want to continually screen out anybody who might have contracted the virus; and tests positive or be asymptomatic…” states the Colorado Governor. Jared Polis says people would be tested at least once every two weeks to make sure there aren't any outbreaks. Nursing home outbreaks have been reported in several Colorado senior centers including a couple in Southern Colorado.

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