November 2, 2020


McClave School Positive COVID-19 test

A member of the McClave school community has tested positive for Coronavirus. As a result, remote learning will take place for 9th-12th grade students during the next 2 weeks. McClave high school students will resume in-person learning November 16th 2020 and high school activities have been canceled during this time as well. In-person learning will continue for McClave students pre-k-8th grade. For remote learning students, Google Meet courses will take place while McClave uses the same schedule as in-person learning for students 9th-12th grade.

Sand Creek Massacre Museum Visitors Center

Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site will be opening its doors to the new Visitor and Education Center in Eads on Tuesday, November 10th. The visitors center will be an opportunity to get more information about the site, and see their bookstore operated by Western National Park Association, and offer learning opportunities related to Sand Creek tribes. When entering the Visitor and Education Center, attendees are asked to wear a mask. The Sand Creek Visitor on, 1301 Maine Street in Eads, and will be open Tuesday - Saturday from 9am-4pm with no entrance fee. For questions call 719-438-5916.

Prowers Medical Center Team Additions

Prowers Medical Center is proud to announce the addition of 2 Family Medical Health Care Team members. Today, Dr. Margaret Loewen will be transitioning from the Emergency Services department, to providing Prowers Medical Center Clinic care with a primary role in Family medicine. Southeast Colorado resident Allison Buck will join the team mid-November as a local Family Nurse Practitioner. The addition of both providers will help Prowers Medical Center better accommodate patience.


Fisher’s State Park

Part of Colorado's newest state park in Southern Colorado is now open. Trinidad Mayor Phil Rico says he's extremely proud of Fishers Peak State Park because everything really came together. Colorado Governor Jared Polis says Fishers Peak deserves to be something the community can access. Trinidad Mayor Rico believes at least two-million dollars will come into the local economy because people can go visit Fishers Peak. Fisher’s State Park is the first state park to open since 2013.

Grey Wolf Population

Colorado voters could determine whether gray wolves will be reintroduced into the Western Slope region. If Proposition 114 passes on Election Day, Colorado Parks and Wildlife would have to come up with a plan to bring the animals back by the end of 2023. Darlene Kobobel is with the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, which supports Prop 114. Christian Reece with community advocacy group Club 20argues the reintroduction of wolves will hurt outdoor industries like camping and hunting. Election results of Proposition 114 will determine Grey wolf repopulating in Colorado.

Colorado Election Results

Colorado is on track to being the 1st state ever to have 80% of their registered voters, submit a vote in the general election. Voters have until 7 p.m. tomorrow to get their ballots turned in. Experts say it's likely state results in Colorado will come in more quickly than the national picture tomorrow night. That's due to the overwhelming response to mail-in ballots. The Colorado Secretary of State's Office said more than two-point-four-million ballots have been returned to county clerks as of Saturday.

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