September 15, 2020



Swink secondary students will now be learning at home until September 28th. The time away from in person learning was extended following a second positive covid test in the school. According to the school district's website and information from the Superintendent, county health will be hosting a drive-up testing site in the Swink high school gym parking lot tomorrow for students and parents on Tuesday Sept. 15th from 9am-1pm.

Kiowa County Sheriffs and Scammers

Kiowa county sheriffs warn residents of recent scams circulating. Social Security scammers are calling residents from a disconnected phone number: 321-732-5154. Residents are encouraged not to give personal information out to people who call you. Social Security will only contact by means of mail if there is an issue. Once again that number to avoid is 321-732-5154.


Western Stock Show Canceled

The 115th annual National Western Stock Show will not take place in January. Organizers blame uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Western Stock Show Association Chairman Doug Jones says the show will go on in 2022. Jones says the stock show draws 700-thousand people every January, generating 120-million dollars in revenue. The 2022 Stock Show will get to take place at the brand new National Western Center.

Gov Polis COVID-19 Exposure App

Governor Jared Polis advocated for new technology in the coronavirus exposure notification app. Polis says the app has been used in other countries with successful results related to case numbers declining. Colorado will be among the 1st states in the nation to deploy this technology. The app will be available on

University of Kansas Students

Some students attending the University of Kansas were nearly issued a citation related to a mask-less house party following a football game. Health officials have identified college parties as hazards for the coronavirus outbreaks. KU has been testing hundreds of people every week, and Monday, the university issued public health bans for both the houses involved in the party.

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