September 24, 2020


Kiowa County Sheriffs and Scammers

Kiowa county sheriffs warn residents of recent scams circulating. Social Security scammers are calling residents from a disconnected phone number: 321-732-5154. Residents are encouraged not to give personal information out to people who call you. Social Security will only contact by means of mail if there is an issue. Once again that number to avoid is 321-732-5154.

Cheyenne County Public Health

Cheyenne County Public Health has announced test swabbing available for area patrons in need of coronavirus testing. Cheyenne county has a total of 9 COVID-19 cases, but has released that 0 of the total cases are currently active and all 9 previous cases have made a full recovery. For testing of questions related to symptoms, contact Cheyenne County Public Health at 719-767-5616.

Prowers County Youth Council

Prowers County Youth Council will host their next meeting, Friday from 9am-10am. The Youth Council meeting will be held virtually online, using 2 different links based on school. Students k-12 from the surrounding schools of Hollie, Lamar, Granada, and Wiley are invited to participate in the Youth Council in order to help create positive change within the community. Locate the Prowers County Youth Council Facebook Page for more information or for the link to Friday's meeting.

Lamar Animal Shelter

The Lamar Animal Shelter continues to search for the homes of lost dogs. Several dogs have been photographed and posted on the Lamar Animal Shelter Facebook page for identification. Lost dogs are to remain in the care of the Animal Shelter for a certain period of time, before adoptions options are discussed. Residents who have lost a furry friend are encouraged to contact the lamar animal shelter at 336-8769. Current pet owners are encouraged to write a phone number on the collar of their animal for easy reuniting, if lost in the future.


Colorado Wastewater Tests

Colorado has started testing wastewater from the sewer system to potentially detect outbreaks of COVID-19. Dr. Andrea Bruder says people shed the virus in their waste before they develop symptoms. Dr. Andrea Bruder says wastewater detection can still be used after the COVID-19 pandemic passes.

Colorado Census

On September 30, 2020, the Census Bureau will end critical door-knocking efforts and will stop collecting responses online, over the phone, and by mail. All individuals are encouraged to count everyone within the household for the 2020 census. State funding related to the census will lead to local city and town funding for schools, roads, and public services. Visit to complete your count, or call 855-562-2020 before September 30th.

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