Thursday January 11, 2021

Crowley/Otero Health Department Grant

Crowley/Otero Health Departments received a $91,911 grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health. Fund usage is anticipated to help combat opioid addiction in the area. The grant stemmed from the Health Resources and Services Administration Office's Rural Communities Opioid Response Program. The goal of the program is to change the conversation around prescribing and the ingestion of even legal opioids. The state health department is supporting Crowley/Otero's Action program because the southeast region of Colorado is trending higher than the state average in opioid overdoses.

City Council Discusses Lamar Airport

The Lamar airport was a topic of discussion during the Lamar City council meeting this week. Conversation that geared toward the need for a new operator, lends to the unknown fate of the airport. Current operators have asked for 5,000 per month from the city to make up for profits which stem from the pandemic. Unable to accommodate, the city of Lamar was left with a 45 day deadline to request a proposal, while paying $100 per day for current airport maintenance and operations. The city of Lamar has budgeted $50,000 for the airport operations for the year. The Request for Proposal for an airport sale could go global, according to Crespin, which would also take time to process.

Kansas Firefighter Falls into Icy Pond

A Sedgwick County firefighter is injured after falling into an icy pond. Officials say crews from Sedgwick County and the Wichita Fire Department were called to Whitewood Drive near 143rd Street and the Kansas Turnpike yesterday to rescue a stranded dog. A firefighter fell into the water after their inflatable raft popped, but they were able to make it to shore. The firefighter was taken to a hospital with a shoulder injury, but the dog later died at an animal hospital.


Valentines Day Spending

Spending on Valentine’s Day in Colorado is expected to take a plunge in 2021 amid a pandemic that has limited gatherings and entertainment options. One major reason for the drop in spending is due to a shift from dining in restaurants to eating at home. The Colorado Restaurant Association says 24% are planning a night out for Valentine’s Day this year, compared to 34% who said they were planning a night out in 2020. Sources noted that there is expected to be a sizable drop in those planning on buying gifts for teachers and colleagues, as many schools and businesses have shifted to virtual operations.

Colorado Sends Troops

Several hundred soldiers from Fort Carson are heading to California to help COVID-19 vaccination efforts. The Mountain Post says more than 200 members of the Fourth Infantry Division will be deploying to Los Angeles today. They will support a state-run vaccination center during their deployment. The fort says they are ready to assist other federally-supported efforts through the Department of Defense.

UK Variant of COVID in Kansas

The UK variant of COVID-19 is found in a Kansas community. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says two students at Fort Hays State University have tested positive for the UK variant of the coronavirus. Health officials say the first case was discovered in a student-athlete through routine testing, and the other case was found through mass testing. A strike testing team from the state tested nearly 200 students.

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