Thursday March 11, 2021

Council Social

A Community Meet and Greet with Lamar City council is in the works. The Council Social event is anticipated to have burgers, hot dogs and free community swimming, along with the opportunity to speak with Lamar City Council members. Mayor Kirk Crespin shared the idea with the City council this week Lamar City Council approved the event at a $1,000 budget tentatively set for the first Friday in June of this year.

Las Animas Public Works Board

During this week’s Las Animas Public Works meeting, the citizen participation segment included the topic of flood waters in the alley-ways of Las Animas. Some patrons using the alley-way for residential parking, have expressed their concerns for flood waters after the effects of weather. The Las Animas Public Works board responds by stating the alley ways are city property, nor for vehicle passage. Flood waters in Las Animas alley-ways have also resulted in some property damage, as water levels spread on land and into garage driveways.


DUI Against Bronco Melvin Gordon

Drunk driving charges are being dismissed against Broncos running back Melvin Gordon. He pleaded guilty yesterday to lesser counts of reckless driving and excessive speed. The case stemmed from a traffic stop in October of last year in downtown Denver after being clocked at more than 70-miles-per-hour in a 35 zone. Gordon was fined and ordered to serve 12 hours of community service.

State Stimulus Package

As Congress passes its COVID relief package, Colorado leaders look to pass one of their own. Governor Jared Polis says cuts made to last year's state budget to prepare for the pandemic will result in a 700-million-dollar state stimulus proposal. The state stimulus package includes 170-million dollars in infrastructure projects. At least 50-million dollars could go to expand broadband internet infrastructure across the state.

CDOT Warns Drivers of Winter Weather

The Colorado Department of Transportation is already telling drivers to stay off state roads ahead of a snowstorm predicted for this weekend. A CDOT spokesperson shares that the agency plans a full call-out for this weekend in anticipation of the storm. CDOT says visibility is expected to be very low and snow accumulation to be very high due to the duration of the storm in parts of the state. Forecasters have said several feet of snow could fall in Colorado by the time the storm ends Sunday.


Dodge City KS 3i Show

The 2021 3i SHOW, to be held March 18-20 in Dodge City, is rapidly approaching and planning continues as exhibitors and attendees will soon be congregating at the Western State Bank Expo Center. The 3i SHOW is a salute to Industry, Implements and Irrigation. Organized and managed by Western Kansas Manufacturers Association, the show provides an opportunity for exhibitors from all over the world to showcase their agricultural business products. The Dodge City agriculture show features cattle handling equipment, crop protection information, farm machinery and more. Parking and admission to the 3i show is free once again set for Thursday March 18 through Saturday March 20th in Dodge City, KS.

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